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Training simulators – a valuable tool for acquiring and sharpening skills

Training simulators – a valuable tool for acquiring and sharpening skills 1097 727 GR-Consult

Training in training simulators represents a central basis for acquiring and sharpening necessary skills in many areas – above all for pilots. With training and analysis systems for hydropower plants and polder control systems, we have had tools at hand for over 20 years that make a valuable contribution to training and thus to safety. Our services go far beyond the implementation of the systems: In workshops and specific training courses, we are happy to impart specific knowledge about the local and large-scale interrelationships that arise from the active management of power plants, chains of power plants and entire river systems. And from 2023, working with a training simulator will be a fixed component of the “basic course for control room operators” at the KWS Essen (KWS Energy Knowledge eG).

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Flux Operational and FLORIS/F3 now also for Linux

Flux Operational and FLORIS/F3 now also for Linux 225 225 GR-Consult

As early as 2021, we set the course for Linux versions of Flux Operational and FLORIS/F3 in a project we carried out for the Austrian and Bavarian authorities as well as for AHP and VHP. A key point here is that FLORIS is integrated into Flux Operational as a library (API) and that higher-level programs such as FEWS, HUGO or HoPI thus only need to start and monitor a single external program. The integration into these programs, which form the backbone of many flood forecasting systems, has thus become much simpler and safer.

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Main topic “Interactive Simulation Systems”

Main topic “Interactive Simulation Systems” 1920 1040 GR-Consult

Navigation systems in cars have long since ceased to serve only for convenience, but are central safety aspects in increasingly dense traffic. This is also the reason why navigation systems – and more and more other assistance systems – are becoming mandatory in new cars. With the focus on “Interactive Simulation Systems”, we would like to specifically expand the application of numerical models in the field of water management: Building on existing models, we create interactive simulation systems that are used for training and education, but above all as assistance systems, e.g. for the operation of power plants or polder systems are used. When developing interactive simulation and assistance systems, we can use our own models, but we can in fact also build on any existing model. We would be happy to carry out an analysis with you of how your “static” models can be expanded into modern, interactive systems.

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Hydrographical measurements – drone survey

Hydrographical measurements – drone survey 2560 1480 GR-Consult

In many projects, we see that spontaneous, additional measurements and recordings are a valuable help when working on projects. Although there are regular hydrographic recordings in practically all Central European rivers, spontaneous recordings can provide valuable information, especially if they are carried out in addition to the schedule of regular recordings. We have – also because we were partly involved in the development or introduction of measuring systems – experience and networks in the field of echo sounder, ADCP, multibeam sonography and drone recordings. We are happy to organize and accompany measurement campaigns, using partner companies at home and abroad (e.g., Ocean Maps for multibeam sonography, RDI for ADCP and Hydrotec for drone data).

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Simulation and training system for the Lower Neckar

Simulation and training system for the Lower Neckar 1500 836 GR-Consult

As a new approach to securing and passing on knowledge, EnBW AG commissioned the development of a pilot system for a simulation and training system for hydropower plants on the lower Neckar. The simulation system was created for the approximately 55 km long section of the Neckar from Guttenbach to Schwabenheim. There are seven power plants and six lock systems in this section. In the simulation system, the operation of turbines and weir systems can be played interactively for any hydrological scenario. The use of the simulation system for education and training makes it possible to gather experience within a very short time, which – because the corresponding events are very rare – can only be gathered over many years without simulation.

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DINO – training partner for water resources management

DINO – training partner for water resources management 2560 1480 GR-Consult

After developing the first training simulator for the Flumenthal hydropower plant on the Rhine (CH) almost 20 years ago in cooperation with Rittmeyer AG, we see training tools more than ever as valuable options for the sustainable training of power plant personnel and increasing safety: We are seeing – currently due to demographics – at many power plant companies a major change in personnel and, associated with this, the possible loss of knowledge that has been built up over many years. We support the safeguarding and transfer of knowledge with interactive simulation systems. The interaction promotes – in the sense of “serious gaming” – the immediate recognition and understanding of cause and effect, of possibilities and of things that are not possible. With our DINOs – an abbreviation for “Dynamic Implementation for Nifty Operation” – we deliberately go our own way: We rely on short development times, rapid availability, concentration on the essentials and thus an excellent cost / benefit ratio for our customers.

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VIRTUAL RIVER 2D – Integration of HYDRO_AS-2D

VIRTUAL RIVER 2D – Integration of HYDRO_AS-2D 2560 1707 GR-Consult

By integrating HYDRO_AS-2D as a 2D model, we are expanding the focus of VIRTUAL RIVER on all those applications in which extensive flooding and flow processes, where the flow paths are not known a priori, are in the foreground. Classic applications, in which 2D modeling is valuable and useful, should therefore be seen in connection with polder control, flood management and, above all, with the preparation for extreme events.

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Software update after 13 years

Software update after 13 years 1500 933 GR-Consult

In connection with updates to the training simulators for the Ruppoldingen and Gösgen power plants (operator Alpiq, Aare, CH), VIRTUAL RIVER was also updated in the simulator. With the change to VIRTUAL RIVER 4.0, the previous system VIRTUAL RIVER 2.0 was replaced, whereby the hydrodynamic models developed with FLORIS by ETH Zurich could be kept almost unchanged. The extended use of VIRTUAL RIVER 2.0 underlines how sustainable and robust the system was designed and implemented.

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FLORIS – a new framework for prooved numerics

FLORIS – a new framework for prooved numerics 2000 1333 GR-Consult

We have a 30-year history of friendly cooperation with the ETH and the employees of the VAW. This began when the first control module for in-depth modeling of power plants was written in 1993. In 2000 we took over the development and sales of FLORIS on the basis of a cooperation agreement. After FLORIS is in use as a central element in the operational flood forecast, we have been commissioned by several flood intelligence services and the Verbundgesellschaft as well as VHP with the IT technical revision of FLORIS. FLORIS is being completely restructured and can also be integrated directly into higher-level programs as a DLL in the future. By revising FLORIS, we secure the investments of the flood intelligence services in Austria and Bavaria and create a new sustainable basis for further developments.

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VIRTUAL RIVER for retention basins on the Emscher

VIRTUAL RIVER for retention basins on the Emscher 1500 999 GR-Consult

After DHI had accompanied the conception and design of the retention basins in the Mengede and Ellinghausen network for years, GR-Consult took over the models in a system with VIRTUAL RIVER. By embedding the models created with MIKE1D in VIRTUAL RIVER, a test system is available with which the real control modules can be tested and approved for any hydrological-hydraulic conditions. During tests and acceptance, the fully programmed controls (Siemens S7) can communicate with VIRTUAL RIVER via OPC-UA. VIRTUAL RIVER provides all the data that is also available for the real retention basin.

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