“WE” – is the proprietorship, which emerged from reorganizing SCIETEC Consulting & Engineering GmbH. Thus, we retain SCIETEC’s principles, policy, priorities, and philosophy. We stand for clarity, directness, and a close cooperation with our customers.

Our main focus lies on:

  • Project development and management of projects in the field of water resources management

  • Hydrodynamic models, unsteady calculations

  • Conception and realization of water-resources software

  • Creation of studies, assessments, and evaluations

  • Consultation and mediation

A main source of success is the close cooperation with universities, domestically and abroad. A second basis is the network with specialists and partner firms, which has been growing for over 20 years.

Through this structure we are able to implement projects, which typically are unrealizable for companies of our size. In line with this, one can find renowned companies and institutions on the list of clients as well as complex projects like the flood forecast systems for the rivers Danube, Inn, Enns/Steyr, and Salzach, training simulators for the HPPs Birsfelden and Flumenthal, and the inlet forecast system for the HPP Gabcikovo.


Our guiding principles
  •  We handle complex tasks and see ourselves as engineers during conceptualizing and realizing them. Additionally to the technical factors, we consider every aspect in order to achieve sustainable solutions.

  • While working on projects, we specifically look for synergies and overlapping advantages in order to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients.

  • Due to the possible competition between our clients we emphasize confidentiality, clear boundaries, and transparent relationships