GR-Consult was created directly from the reorganization of SCIETEC Consulting & Engineering GmbH and is therefore the direct legal successor of SCIETEC in terms of content and form.


This results in our focus of work, our principles and our philosophy when working for and with customers:

Our primary focus is:

  • Project development and management of projects in the field of water management

  • Hydrodynamic modeling, unsteady simulations

  • Conception and implementation of water management software

  • Preparation of studies and reports

  • Consulting and mediation

We see the close cooperation with universities at home and abroad as the central sources of our success. A second cornerstone is the network of specialists and partner companies that have grown over two decades. This structure enables us to implement projects that typically exceed the scope of a company of our size.


Thus, our reference list includes renowned companies and institutions as customers as well as complex projects such as the flood forecasting systems for the Danube, Inn, Enns / Steyr and Salzach, training simulators for the Birsfelden and Flumenthal power plants, and the inflow forecasting system for the Gabcikovo power plant..


Our mission statement
  • We work on complex tasks and see ourselves as engineers and consultants in the conception and implementation of projects. In addition to the technical factors, we consider all aspects that are important for sustainable success.

  • In our projects and solutions, we also specifically look for synergies and cross-project advantages - in the interests of our customers and in the interests of the solutions.

  • Since our customers are sometimes in competition with each other, we attach great importance to confidentiality, clear boundaries and transparent relationships.

  • We stand for clarity, straightforwardness and close cooperation with our customers.