Project development &
Project management

Many of our projects start with a broadly worded objective. Starting from this point, we develop – in close collaboration with our clients – detailed concepts for assessments, analyses and water resource software.

Especially software development projects often demand clarity, lucid illustrations, and solid applications as a starting point. This simplifies the decision-making process.

Beside the technical and administrative aspects, the competent handling of publicity events and legal regulations are important aspects of our work.

Numeric modelling and simulation

Our numeric models are complex and extensive. They are typically created for large sections of rivers and applied across many different issues. To give clear examples, the models of the Danube are used for online flood forecasting, for water-resource-analyses, and the display of potentially flooded areas. The model for the River Main serves as a planning and test setting for the development of a completely new control concept.

Almost all our models consider the operations of HPPs and the flooding of forelands. 95% of all models are used to visually represent highly dynamic events.

mediation & moderation

The discussion and the depiction of hydrological data is as important as the technical analysis and assessment of water resource interrelationships. In the case of contrary interests, we like to combine our hydrological knowledge with our mediative competencies in order to find a reasonable compromise.

Our assessments are typically focused on complex, hydrological questions and we are very proud, that our assessments have been requested repeatedly for major legal questions.